Įkrovimo stotelė – RE-WATT – Household Pole-Stand AC EV Charging Station

This Series EV Charging Station Is Designed And Researched For European And UK Market According To IEC61851. The Pole-Stand Installation Mode Is A Good Choice For Household And Commercial Use, Such As Hotel, Office Address And Public Place. It Is Easy To Operate And Compatible With Multi-Brand Electric Vehicles.

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This series EV Charging station is designed and researched for European and UK market according to IEC61851. The wall-mounted installation mode is a good choice for household use. It is easy to operate and compatible with multi-brand electric vehicles.

Performance Features

  • Easy to operation;
  • Automatic circuit breaking;
  • Protection of overloads, short circuit;
  • Earth leakage protection;
  • LED status indicators;
  • Anodised aluminum Body;
  • Key Rotary;
  • J1772 gun with 4m lead, IEC62196 gun with 4m lead, socket, optional;
  • IEC61851;


Model 3.5KW 7KW (1-phase) 11KW (3-phase) 22KW (3-phase)
 Electrical Parameters
Rated Voltage 220VAC±10% 220VAC±10% 380VAC±10% 380VAC±10%
Rated Frequency 50Hz±1% 50Hz±1% 50Hz±1% 50Hz±1%
Rated Current 16A 32A 16A 32A
Protection Functions
Over-current Protection Yes  (I△n≤30mA)
Short-circuit Protection Yes
Charging Connector’s Mechanical Life 10000 Times
Functional Indexes
Functions Charging and locking
Charging Mode Mode 3
Socket/plug type Type 2
Charging Control and Guide Function Meet IEC61851 requirements.
Mechanical Parameters
Size(L*W*H)(mm) 490*225*150
Installation Mode Wall-mounted
General  Parameters
Environment Temperature -30℃~50℃
WorkingAltitude <2000m
Relative Humidity 0%~95%  (no condensation)
EMC Compliance IEC61851
Protection Level IP55
Certificate CE, TUV


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