Įkrovimo stotelė Ecotap® ChargingStation DUO

This car charging station works on three-phase electric power and features car communication technology.

It was specifically designed for public places prone to vandalism. Therefore this chargingstation is Vandalism resistant and is Made of 4 mm steel.

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Protocol: mode 3
Start- and Stopprocedure works by means of a charging card
Number of chargingpoints: 2
Connections: Socket type 2
Connection value: From 1x16A to 3 x63A.
Supply voltage: 230V / 400V 50Hz
Residual current device: AC 30mA
Poweroutput per socket: 0 to 22 Kw
Positioning: GPS-modem
Communications: GSM Modem/ Controller with RFID-reader
Casing material: Steel 4 mm
Standard colour: RAL 6018/RAL 9016
Treatment: Treatment has undergone anti-corrosion and features powder coating
Measurements casing (HxDxB): 1400mm x 240mm x 200mm
Weight: 56kg
Norms: NEN1010/EU/35-IEC 61851-1 VDE-AR-E 2623-2-2
Vandalismresistance: IP10
Water resistance: IP54
Fundations system (Option): Complete with casing and strain relief
Warranty standard:  1 year  (Optional: Warranty Plus)


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